Luxury Diner for Groups

Always cosy

Plenty of choice

Warm appearance

For groups of 15 guests we serve preferably one of our selection menus. If you have different needs than we can offer an alternative.

Luxury Menu of your choice

3 courses




Homemade goat cheese soufflé with beetroot, lettuce and a syrup of Acete Balsamico


Sea bass ceviche with a tartar of herring and roasted paprika


Beef tartar with grilled brioche and mayonnaise from Piment d ‘Espelette

Main course


Baked cod with a layer of ‘lardo’ bacon, braised bimi and foam of shellfish

Aaltjes tenderloin steak with baked mushrooms, puffed shallot and gravy


Quiche of mushroom with braised vegetables, crispy cheese and an onion cream



Cheesecake with Bastogne cookie and apricot


Pure and milk chocolate terrine with cookie and sweet mandarins